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I have been out of the studio for some time. Whew, times flies. Before I realized it I hadn’t been on here in months! It feels so amazing to be back, doing what I love. I am back in the studio and having a blast! I have been working on handbags and sewing various things. As well as making jewelry. But I have been branching out a little bit. I am playing with sterling silver wire A LOT! I tried my hand at making a bangle bracelet, and well it didn’t turn out to well. It wouldn’t stay on my wrist. So I unwound it, straightened it out best I could and decided to make a ring. I like this piece much better! It was so fun and “spontaneous” to make. I just did what I wanted and I love how it turned out!


I also made a pendant and then wrapped little peridot beads on it with sterling silver wire. I think it turned out really nice.



I really like how they turned out, bad thing is I ran out of wire hahaha. I placed an order and can’t wait for it to arrive!

Until then I think I am going to make some coasters. Fat Orange Cat has an amazing tutorial, I think I am gonna give it a try tonight. Ill post how they turn out :)

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2 Responses to “Back In the Studio”

  1. Loraine Vorster Says:

    Hi Hannah! Welcome back! It is actually quite weird because I have been thinking about your lately, wondering what happened to you. Love the ring you made!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Hi Hannah!!

    Thank you so much for coming by with your well wishes. We are on the mend, thank God. Mocha is mending slowly…but has a healthy appetite again. She lost weight though and I am hoping she starts gaining now. Gosh I have been terrible about visiting people lately. Life just seems to take over…ugh!! I love the ring and the pendant…you are always so talented. I really need to get back to crafting. It’s sure therapeutic for me. Hope all is well with you and your family!!


    Michelle and the kitties :)

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