I think things are starting to look up and I am finally getting into the swing of things! For as long as I can remember I have been sluggish and tired, upset stomach… a whole lot of not so good things. Turns out… I am allergic to gluten. Hello life changer!

I am sleeping better, I feel great! No more stomach pains, cramps, I feel like a new person! So now I have a laundry list of things to get done and projects to get finished.

Some I have already checked off due to the fact that we are doing IVF this month. We have tried for 11 years and was recently diagnosed with pcos (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and will be doing our first (and hopefully last, crossing our fingers) IVF cycle this month. So I have tried to get all the big projects out of the way in preparation for being pregnant. Here are some of them that I am happy to say are finished!


Before and after… Loving our new kitchen!


New backsplash

I finished installing this new backsplash at around midnight… It was a labor of love! And a lot of labor it was, all of the cabinets had to be removed along with all of the hardware. I numbered them all so they would go back in the same place. I painted everything with two valspar bonding primer (no did not sand a thing!) and then I painted two coats of the chosen paints. I used Valspar Reserve. I let them dry for a day or so and then I went over all the cabinets with shabby paints clear wax.

Then I decided to give our garage doors a facelift… for this I just taped out the pattern, painted (again with valspar reserve but this time I used exterior) and then added the hardware to give the doors the nostalgic carriage door look that I wanted.


Not to mention that he baby room is painted, reprinted the master bedroom, made a new office for the hubby and moved my studio back home :) Now if I can muster up the energy to get projects finished and up in the new online store I would be one happy girl!

May 7th, 2014

Sewing Studio







I opened my Boutique almost a year ago… and for the past few weeks I found myself restless. I laid in bed the other night sharing how I felt with my husband and he agreed that he saw that something was off. Business has been busy and takes most of my time. I no longer have time in the studio, sometimes for weeks on end. He happily told me that he would work at the shop and I need to take a step back and do what I love that made we want to open it in the first place. So today I have all the doors open, letting the sunshine pour into the house, the breeze bringing the fresh smell of spring. I watch my fur babies sunbathe and I get to step into my studio and let my heart feel light with happiness :)


May 6th, 2014











Arrived home from our mini vacation in beautiful North Carolina. It was such a wonderful visit, beautiful scenery that stole my heart. When I got back home I went straight to work in the yard trying to capture some of the charm I saw in NC, and bringing here to my backyard space. We decided to fill in our pond and remove the patio and make a flower bed. I am loving it! Our days have been filled with gardening, watching our crazy dogs wear themselves out playing, me sewing and working on custom orders for the boutique. My heart is full, my soul is happy!

April 16th, 2014

Been busy at the boutique! Furniture always seems to sell fast in the springtime, so I have been working on new pieces for the store…. And something for myself here and there ;)

Here is the little something I made for myself. Found this at target on clearance for $8 from $30…

Added some tattered chicness to it a I love it!

This is the before and after of a stool for the boutique….

Happy Wedensday!


March 19th, 2014

No posts lately, we have been busy bees moving the boutique to a new location. I am loving the new space. So much natural light, my own parking lot and a covered front porch. My studio at the shop is a little smaller but that’s ok. Having a studio at home too allows me to split my creative tools so I can work at both spaces.

Here is the new boutique space! Now that it is all set up and open I hope to be getting back in the studio soon!!

Happy creating!